A Guide On Fraud Investigators

Who is a fraud investigator?

A fraud investigator is the one who undertakes criminal and civil investigations. Through interviews with the complainants, witnesses and employers, a fraud investigator begins his work. He researches extensively for records, facts and other personnel medical health details. He is expected to conduct surveillances that are done in the field and also coordinate search warrants. At the end of any project, he must prepare a detailed report on the conclusions drawn from the facts and investigations he had made. During the course of any project, he is required to adhere to the strict laws of the state. He is also required to produce testimony in relevant court cases.

How do I become a fraud investigator?

You must hold a bachelors degree in criminal justice. This can be substituted if a person has enough investigative experience. Several distance learning options and continuing education degrees are also available in criminal justice. You can opt for either. On completion, you are required to obtain a license from the state departments.

You must remember that competition in this field is very high. People who have the desired skill for this profession get to work as an investigator just after the graduation. So what you require to be a fraud investigator is: possess a good eye for detail, develop reasoning capacity, communication skills and most importantly, the hunger to prove your worth and rise higher in this field.

Fraud investigators are generally experienced investigator who had either worked in some criminal investigative agency, or in the armed forces or police, insurance casualty claims etc. College students who had done courses in criminal justice, public administration or law sometimes get directly admitted as a fraud investigator. But this is only if the person possesses the desired personal traits.

A fraud investigator may also be required to take training in the following aspects: taking statements and interviewing witnesses as part of work, collecting, preserving the rules of evidence, report writing and police science.

A recent study says that jobs in fraud investigation will grow with the same speed as jobs in other occupations during the period 2004-14. Those who are fresh graduates would have the best chance. Regarding the annual salary of fraud investigators, this varies according to the competence of different investigators. The top brass in this field earn close to $72000 whereas at the lowest end, they earn around $27000.

Can a woman become fraud investigators?

While most people tend to be skeptical about women becoming competent investigators, the fact is that women have proved more successful in investigative fields than men. This is because women are naturally more inquisitive, detail oriented and also more creative-thinking than men usually are. These are also the required traits of a good investigator. So for women who possess these qualities, there are good prospects to become a successful investigator.