This is a story about a friend from Wisconsin and how he tried to become a private investigator, let’s just call him “Jack” :

I guess you could say I was a dreamer from young. Watched too many PI shows and movies until I often dream of becoming one. However I do think I have a gift in discovering unsolved mysteries, much like in the favorite cartoon of my childhood, Scooby Doo. Yes, it started with that cartoon. I watched every episode! After my childhood I started watching “Murder: she wrote” a very intriguing T.V. Series but nothing amazed me more then “Detectives in Malibu”.

It was this series that made me realize that being a private investigator is one of the most fascinating and intriguing jobs ever existed. I craved to become the best Wisconsin private investigator ever.

To me part of the attraction is the glamour and the chance of being surrounded by many beautiful girls, and they looked at me in adoration because I was the hero, as a famousWisconsin private investigator. I was solving cases left right and center, the money kept flowing in because I had an unnatural gift for solving cases at blistering speeds. Yes, money and fame and women too!

I’ve tried to follow up my dream but it wasn’t possible, even though I wasn’t able to enter into the realms of private investigation, I am still involved in a part of the process by studying law at my university.
Dream shattered.

Why? Here are the real facts :

When I realized what I had to do to become a Wisconsin private investigator, I was disappointed. To become a Wisconsin private investigator you must attend a training course to become first a private investigator and then if you want to practice in Wisconsin you must fulfill some conditions: to have a license and to have experience in the field. I didn’t have neither of them so I’ve let go of my dream. Plus I realized that becoming a Wisconsin private investigator doesn’t mean being surrounded by sexy girls and lots of money like in the movies and TV shows. It means hard work, working alone, finding evidence that your client needs and so on. Not only that, you may put your life in danger on virtually all the jobs you do.

So if you want to become a Wisconsin private investigator, you have to work hard to be in the top, to train your body to react like a real professional, be extremely patient and be in full control of your own emotions.

I have also realized that a private investigator doesn’t mean unsolved mysteries, but background search of people, finding the lost ones, finding the birthfathers of an adoptee. Sounds simple? I think this it the hardest thing to do for a private investigator especially if the suspects don’t want to be found.

So what is the morale behind his story? Being a private investigator ain’t as glamourous as it looks. All the Hollywood shows are only telling part of the story. There’s alot of hard work (tears and sweat and more) being done behind the scene that they do not show you. However, being a private investigator does have its own perks especially if you enjoy investigative work!

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