About Justice Through Science

Justice Through Science is a national provider that renders in association with other Forensic Specialists and Institutions, a full range of comprehensive investigative services to government institutions, corporate and individual clients.

With a combined total of over 300 years of experience our highly skilled forensic specialists provides service excellence in all areas of investigations. We come from a variety of policing backgrounds e.g. forensic science, fraud, commercial fraud, serious crime, violent crime as well as the “so called” general types of investigations that might be required by our clients. Our communication network allows the entire forensic team to actively assist one another with the thorough investigation of all our assignments.

Justice Through Science is committed to provide quality investigative services in a professional and proactive manner. We meet the individual needs of our clients and achieve a high level of client satisfaction.

Our “investigative body status”, the unbiased nature of our investigations and the relationship with law enforcement and other agencies, place us in a unique situation to conduct investigations on behalf our clients. As investigators, we act in good faith and provide our clients with the facts as soon as possible so that they can make prompt and confident decisions.

Our services include but are not limited to the following investigative areas:

  • Serious and Violent Crime Investigations
  • Forensic Ballistics (Firearm & Tool Mark Examinations and Reconstruction of Shooting Incidents)
  • Forensic Pathology
  • Forensic Fingerprints & Forensic Photography
  • Questioned Documents Analysis
  • Fire Investigations
  • Forensic Accident Reconstruction
  • Forensic Vehicle Accident Reconstruction
  • DNA Analysis
  • Substance Analysis
  • Commercial Crime and Fraud Investigations
  • Disciplinary Hearings
  • Risk Analysis
  • Internal Investigation
  • Security Reviews
  • Basic Animal Species Identification (body fluids and meat)
  • Any other type of investigation that might be required


In association with other Institutions we present Investigative Training Programs that comply with International standards as far as course content, presentation and tutors are concerned.