A private investigator is one who does private cases discreetly and is not affiliated to any government law enforcement agency. There are many people who are hesitant to approach the police or other legal channels for the realization of their queries, and a private investigator is the best way to get this done. In Alabama, an Alabama private investigator does not even require a state license to commence practice.

By virtue of their qualifications, be it criminal or legal, they can set up a private investigator’s office. We may wonder what exactly a private eye can do for us and it is surprising to see in how many spheres their reach extends. The most common investigations done by an Alabama private investigator is the ubiquitous checking up on an errant spouse or partner. These findings then translate into evidence in case of a divorce or a child custody case. In the case of spouses who mysteriously fail to pay alimony or child support, an Alabama private investigator can track down the erring party so that litigation can be filed.

Alabama private investigators are discreet and very efficient in tracking not just spouses, but also errant employees, missing children and missing persons in general. Alabama private investigators check out the causes of accidents and reconstruct events to find out the truth behind the scene. They are experts in gauging whether a fire is an arson attack or not. They do background checks on employees to clarify all details which have been submitted. These verification and authentication checks do a lot to ease prospective employer’s fears about his new employee.

Alabama private investigators are super sleuths when it comes to debugging offices that have been embedded with electronic surveillance devices. They check into fraud cases and uncover the most cleverly thought out schemes to skim money. On the corporate scenario, the Alabama private investigator does corporate surveillance and executive protection when requested. Computer forensics is also covered in this field. Electronic data discovery and recovery is another key area where the Alabama private investigator excels.

In the case of large malls and shops, a private investigator can easily find the key to missing goods or mystery shoppers. Public records are ruthlessly scrutinized in the line of duty by Alabama private investigators. Video surveillance as well as photos are done by these detectives, so as to give tangible proof to their clients about the veracity of their findings. Alabama private investigators are sleuths of the highest order with abilities honed by years of practice in their field.

They are quick to detect the faintest hint of wrongdoing and are conscientious in keeping their client confidentiality, and keeping them apprised of every move they make. They work strictly within the legal parameters and are often called upon in court as reliable witnesses. An Alabama private investigator is a discreet and methodical sleuth who can help set most persons minds at ease with the quality of their work.

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