Private investigation is a job that involves collecting information on behalf of a person or an organization. This person or organization is in no way connected to the government, police or military. The magnitude of a private investigation job is quite large.

Following are some of the jobs that a private detective is usually asked to perform:

A private detective job may involve maintaining the security of a famous celebrity like a singer, actor, sportsman or any other well known personality. He may not need to directly act as a bodyguard. He may work undercover to see if there are any plans to harm the person. Sometimes he may be required to foil such plans.

In a lot of legal cases, a private detective might be asked to do a special job. He is asked to gather evidence or interview witnesses as part of defending or prosecuting somebody. He may also be required to present his reports and observations on the case in a court of law.

In a lot cases, a detective is employed by either the husband or the wife to check if any adultery or illegal relationship is evident. This is one of the more common areas where a private investigator is employed. Here he may be required to also produce evidence of his observations. Evidence could be in the form of photographs, letters, and so on.

In many private companies, a private detective is employed to make a background search of all the employees that it hires. The background search may involve information. Information may relate to the medical, criminal, civil history of the employee, scope for duplicity in identity and phone numbers etc.

What is the eligibility for a private investigation job? There is no formal degree required to get a job as a private detective. A degree in law, criminology, or political science will be an added advantage. In some areas, you need to have a valid license to be a private detective. Also, there are many private detective schools that teach the basics as well as the tips and techniques to become a good private detective. A certificate from such a training institute would help in getting a job quickly.

Where should I look for a private investigator job? Open the yellow pages or your telephone directory, note down all the telephone numbers of private detective agencies and call them. Search the Internet too.

Alternatively, you can also start a private detective agency of your own with a little help from a senior detective who could be your advisor.

What is the working condition like in a private detective job? A private detective job involves a lot of struggle. You need to work at odd hours and also at strange places. In a lot of cases, you confront hard core criminals also. There is no fixed salary that you get in this job. At first, the payment may be a very meager amount. But with time, you gain name and fame. Then there is no limit to the amount of money you can earn.

This is a career with thrill, adventure and uncertainty. For those who aspire to enjoy life and its mysteries to the fullest, there is no other career that comes closer than this!

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