Back Ground Checks

background check will find information about someone that may not be readily available to everyone. Background checks are conducted through third parties, such asActive Investigations and provide a snapshot of an individual’s character based on past actions and records. Information about an individual’s financial, and professional history is revealed with a background check. They can include anything from speeding tickets, time employment history to bankruptcy. You could ask “Why would anyone want to perform a background check on someone?” There are many reasons.

In Melbourne, Active Investigations has found these are some of the most common reasons people to perform a background check or background check investigation.

1.New PartnerMany people request a background check be done on their new partner, this is understandable as you want to know they are being honest about who they are and their past.

2.SpouseOften, during rough times in a marriage, one person suspects the other of cheating and not only wants to know if there is someone else, but if theircheating spouse has any other bank accounts, or other hidden assets.

3.TeachersSome parents are wary of taking the school’s word for it that all the teachers are all good people, safe to have around children. Your children spend half they day with a person you barely knowand it isn’t unreasonable to double check.

4.Parents of your child’s friends.When your child comes home from school and tells you they have a new school friend, you might want to know more about the other child’s parents. Some parents feel safer if they check that the person is not a sex offender, and that they do not have any violence or drug related offenses.

5.Your teenagers friendsDrugs are a major concern to parents of teenagers. If your teenager is acting oddly you want to know if drugs are involved and what your teenager is up to.

6.CharitiesThere are many stories in recent years about so called charities defrauding people. If you plan to make large donation, a back ground check of the charity and a history of the people responsible for the books is worthwhile.

7.Nursing HomeWhen your loved one needs to go into a nursing home there is usually a large deposit required, you want to make sure that the people running the nursing home are legitimate.