Car Insurance Claims – Insurance Protection for Your Car

Car Insurance Claims

There are two ways that car insurance claims can be made these days. The first category is the cashless insurance scheme. In this policy the owner if a vehicle can get an injured vehicle repaired at any garage within the purview of the insurance company. The second category of car insurance is that where the owner gets to repair the car at his own choice of garage. The cost of the same can be applied for from the insurance company and got back as a reimbursement.

Car Insurance Claims Advice

There are certain aspects that need to be taken care of at the time of buying a car or any other vehicle. Here are some of the car insurance claims advices that will be helpful for you to go about and make your insurance claim.

It is very important for you to know the type of insurance that you are getting for yourself. There are cashless insurance policies, post paid policies and third party policies. You need to understand the aspects of each of these as well as the usability rate in your case.

There are insurance policies that are termed as ‘comprehensive’ insurance policies. These are supposed to include the cost of all kinds of damage to your vehicle namely accident, fire, theft. Theft of any parts of your vehicle as well as personal accident protection cost or medical expenses incurred. Despite the use of the term ‘comprehensive’ it is important to verify the actual coverage of such plans because oftentimes there are limitations and restrictions.

A third part insurance is the least that can be bought as part of car insurance. In this policy you get coverage only for the damage that is caused to other people and their property. It may be remembered here that you do not get any coverage for damage or loss that is caused to your vehicle.

It is important to note and understand the cost of premium of your car. This cost will help you to know the amount of coverage that your car is getting out of the policy. There are varying costs of insurance policies and these are indicative of the amount of coverage that the policy will provide.

In case there is an accident enough information should be collected about the date, time and the nature of the accident. Details should also be collected about the witnesses if any and the third parties involved as well.

Car Insurance Claims Problems

There are car insurance claims problems that arise due to a number of factors. These are mainly the outcome of a lack of information. Here are some points that you may remember so that there aren’t any car insurance claims problems in your case.

After the occurrence of an accident the first step that should be taken is contacting your insurance company. Irrespective of the causes or the one at folly a complete report should be filed for the claims.

Details of any accidents should be accurately and carefully taken down. This is crucial at the time of filing a claim. Problems often stem from the unavailability of such details and the requirement of the same by an insurance company.

Filing a police report after an accident is also necessary. Always secure a proper filing of the incident at the local police station or even gathering a report from an officer who was present at the spot. In the absence of police complaint you may face problems with your claims with the insurance company especially if the other party refuses to accept their faults.