For Banks, Credit Unions, and other Financial Companies

• Has your debtor skipped?
• Are your collection letters ineffective?
• Tired of your debtor driving around for free (in your charged-off car/truck)?

TCT Investigations is the complete solution for your entire loan servicing needs!

We offer:

Skip tracing of your debtor / assets.

Repossession Coordination (nationwide)

In-Person and face-to-face delivery of your collection notices

Collection Department research (addresses and references uncovered)

Photos / Condition Reports of your collateral (houses/cars/boats, etc).

Delinquency Interviews (to get to the real reason the debtor is late).

Coordination of documents (extension agreements, work-out loans, and others).

TCT Investigation acts in a professional manner in the field, as we realize that we represent your business interests and reputation. Every contact we make is compliant with all State and Federal statutes (including the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act). No information is disclosed to any third party not on your loan documents.

We are consummate professionals in delving into the true reason for delinquencies, even to the point of completing a debtor delinquency interview. Oftentimes, we are able to put the debtor on the cell phone with your collector on the spot. No more dodging phone calls. Why not save repossession dollars (and losses at the auction) by hiring a
Private Investigator to make contact with your debtor?

Remember that the debtor can overlook the collection letter in their mailbox, but not the Private Investigator on their doorstop! Even when not home, our business card (left in the door in a sealed envelope) will cause results soon after your debtor gets home!

Allow TCT Investigations to be your one and only source for your asset recovery / collections department assistance! You won’t be disappointed.

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