Are you caught in a situation whereby you are thinking that you might need some help? Some professional private investigator help? Sometimes, in certain situation you may not need to hire any help but you may also try doing yourself using the vast number of detective toolsavailable.

Here are some situations that might warrant a more professional help :

Situation 1. Spousal surveillance

This is the number one situation that many people are facing. Infidelity. Living with the constant fear that your wife/husband is cheating on you and not being able to know for sure is very painful and frustrating. If you sense that something is wrong and are becoming suspicious, you may need private investigator help. Even though hiring a private investigator to spy on your life partner may be a hard thing to do, living with that permanent suspicion is far worse. Professional investigators will have their job done with maximum discretion to minimize the pain.

Situation 2. Child support investigations

This is another common situation. There are many single parents out there struggling to provide their child with everything he/she needs while the other parent is doing nothing. There are situations when you know for sure that he/she is earning more but you can’t find a way to prove it. The court is often loaded with Child support investigations and your case may not receive proper attention. This is another case when private investigator help can make a difference.

Situation 3. Employee investigations

The world is full of scammers and dishonest people. I am not being a pessimist here. It is true and it pays to be more careful when you are hiring. There are many lawsuits involving work scandals where an employee has cheated or stoled money from his/her employer. With private investigator help you can get reliable employee screening services to learn about incidents that have already occurred and prevent huge scandals resulting in productivity loss, massive lawsuits and possibly other complications.

Situation 4. Background check

You can also use some private investigator help when dealing with lawsuits, wanting to check someone’s past before hiring him/her or just trying to learn more about an important person in your life, such as your daughter’s boyfriend. Tricky and sensitive situations that is best handled confidentially by a third party.

Situation 5. Abuse or neglect

Private investigators can employ professional equipment, such as hidden cameras, to monitor the activity of another person in your house, such as a babysitter, a maid, a care giver or a home health worker.

There are many other services a private investigator can offer you, such as e-mail tracking, locating a certain person, asset searching or recorded statements. All these are documented proof that can help you in your situation if the need arises especially in the court of law.

Although the general perception is that private investigator help is very expensive, this is not always too. You can sometimes find reliable services at very convenient prices if you do your homework. However, in some situations, such as custody trials, the cause you fight for is definitely worth the price.
When situations like the above occurs, you know you cannot afford to skimp on the cost!

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