Detective Investigation

Detective Investigation

The field of detective investigation is as dangerous and unsecure as it is interesting and thrilling. A crime has happened, a dead body is there, no one knows about the dead person, and about the accident, and even about the time when it took place. There you need a detective, who starts working towards solving this puzzle.

Detective investigation includes a process of finding clues, determining and accessing situation, and searching evidences to find the truth. A detective can be any person- part of a police force, a member of a detective agency, an independent contractor etc.

There are many private detective services as well as government services. Crimes, like murder, theft and forgery etc. require detective investigation. A detective is a well trained person; he/she can be a professional- trained or self trained, but this job requires great skill of analysing things and an eye for detail.

This kind of investigations includes:
Research of old cases.
Search for clues and evidences.
Interviews of witnesses.
Re-creation of the crime scene etc.
A detective joins pieces of evidences to frame a clear picture of the crime and the criminal. The job of the detective has no certain working hours; most of the detectives are self employed and this is a dangerous job.

An investigation can be done on any matter, which deceives people and is harmful for others. The detective has a great skill to analyze things and search for different clues. He/she often recreates the scene to know what really happened. A detective starts the work without a single clue, and in the process searches for different clues, one by one gets all the details and thus solves the problem.

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