Crime investigation is any kind of investigation in the matters of violation of civil laws. In a state, police is responsible for investigating and preventing any kind of criminal acts against law and social welfare. But as there are a lot of crimes happen in the state every minute, police can not investigate in each and every case, and even if do, then they are delayed and long lasting. So there are a lot many investigation firms for different kinds of crimes.

In the government there are separate investigation departments for various crime investigation alongwith police department. Crime can occur in any form and can be against any person or departments. A crime can be done against a single person and can be done against a business and non-business organization. There are also crimes which target officials and government.

Along with different kinds of crimes occurring in daily life, like murder, robbery, fraud, etc. computer crime is one of the most happening crimes. As the world has come together through computer and internet facility in this time of globalization, this crime is spreading like anything. This crime is known with the name of cyber crime. In this crime a person or user is targeted deceitfully.

Forms Of Cyber Crime:

Cyber pornography
Sale of illegal articles
Online gambling
E-Mail spoofing
Unauthorized access to computer system or network

To investigate in cyber crimes and to prevent them there are civil laws. Violation of these laws is a crime and there are many Crime investigation firms, which analyze the crime and grab the culprit. Any user can be targeted through e-mails, online fraud, etc. The investigators use different ways and tools to clutch the criminal. Investigation needs a sharp mind and specific qualification for a particular field.

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