What is background investigation? Background information is the process of making investigations to authenticate the information provided by a person or organization. It is basically done in big organizations such as corporate firms before hiring somebody.

Who is a background investigator? A background investigator is a private investigator who is hired by a certain company to look into the authentication of the details provided by a person.

What does a background investigator do? In general, an investigator looks for the verification of the following things –

1. Academic credentials. 2. History of prior employments. 3. Details relating to previous salary, job performance, longevity as well as general behavior. The trace for the background can be up to 10 years. 4. Check verification of the letters of recommendation and also the personal recommendations provided by the person. 5. Check for drug history and general health of the individual. 6. Confirm the skills and knowledge as provided in the CV is genuine or not. 7. Check for any criminal background. 8. Review credit checks. 9. Search on the Internet generally on Google or any other Website to see for any claims, awards.

Sometimes in the absence of a private investigator, this background investigation is performed by the human resource personnel of the company.

How do I need to perform a background investigation? Most of the investigations are performed with the help of a computer or through an information database. You must have access to Internet and other accessories like car, fax phones, pagers, and video cameras.

Another way to conduct a background investigation is to ask it smartly. You should know specifically whom to ask and what to ask. Remember a golden tip a tenacious inquiry can solve all the queries.

What can the person or a company find out from these background investigations? During the course of a background investigation, inclusive of general facts about the person, a company gets the following information:

1. Whether the person uses any other name 2. Details relating to proper information of tax payments 3. Relevant addresses, telephone numbers 4. Credit history 5. Civil and criminal litigations.

All of these information are pertinent to formulate a proper understanding of the person. whose background is checked.

Why is this background investigation conducted? People and events associated with people appear simple at first glance. But in the real world, there may be many secrets and agendas behind a persons conduct or an organizations functionality that may also pose danger to you. To know where exactly the landmine is, to spot the danger immediately, that is why a background investigation is conducted.

There are many areas where background investigation can be performed only by a licensed private investigator or with the permission authorities. This may be because of the complexity of the situation or the reputation of the individual or the organization whose background investigation is made. Be aware of any state-imposed restrictions so that you dont find yourself on the wrong side of law.

Private investigations have great possibility these days. But remember to always be sure of the laws of the area you operate in before you conduct any background investigation. Be safe first, then investigate.

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