For many people it is very difficult to imagine how it feels to be involved in a criminal case. Not only can it be a hassling experience,

it also can be a very humiliating ordeal. However, what can be more daunting is choosing among the many criminal defense attorneys that could help one get out of such a dreadful predicament.

Fortunately, looking for a criminal lawyer nowadays is no longer a difficult task thanks to information dissemination tools such as telephone directories and the wonderful internet. Such is also the case in Olympia, the capital city of the state of Washington, where criminal defense attorneys are not at all difficult to find. There are many good criminal defense attorneys in Olympia as there are throughout the state of Washington.

Here are some law firms in Olympia that are known to have criminal defense attorneys:

1. Anderson, Burns & Hostnik – this law firm located at Thruston County specializes in criminal law and have many criminal defense attorneys. Its main office is in Tacoma, Washington. Other areas of practice include corporate law, Indian law, Divorce, Personal injury, real estate, employment, and business law.

2. Benedict Garatt PLLC – this law firm whose main office is also in Thurston County also devotes much of its practice to criminal defense. Other areas of practice include administrative law, commercial litigation, regulatory law, occupational safety, professional licensing, piracy, labor law, corporate investigations, employment law, health law, occupational therapy lay, among many others.

3. Connoly, Tacon & Meserve – this is professional service corporation whose attorneys are quite knowledgeable about various areas of practice, particularly community affairs and criminal defense. Its main office is at Heritage Building, 201 5th Avenue, Southwest, Suite 301, Olympia, Washington. The firm was established in 1971 and currently accepts referrals outside the state. Other areas of practice are: divorce law, residential real estate, estate litigation, adoption, corporate law, family law, personal injury, bankruptcy litigation, child support, visitation rights, dog bites, slip and fall, traffic violations, wills premarital agreements, estate taxation, gift taxation, foreclosures, child custody, social security, and workers’ compensation.

4. Lane Powell PC – located at 111 Market St., Northeast, Suite 360, Olympia, WA. This law firm was established in 1875 and currently houses 170 attorneys that provide employment, litigation, and business services. This firm also has good criminal defense attorneys. The lawyers in this firm engage practice not only in American but also International law, except in English courts.

5. Law Offices of Sharon Chirichillo, PS – this firm has been established in 2002 and currently has a firm size of two. Aside from criminal defense, the firm also does practice in criminal law, criminal investigation, criminal appeals, criminal fraud, criminal conspiracy, assault and battery, drug crimes, license suspension, felonies, habeas corpus, parole probation, theft, victims rights, wiretapping, white collar crime, malicious prosecution, electronic surveillance, post-conviction remedies, white collar crime, and burglary.

6. McClannan Law PLLC – this firm with a size of one, also specializes in criminal defense. Other areas of practices include long term care, guardianships, Medicaid eligibility issues and planning, family law, estate planning, credit shelter trusts, wills, social security disputes, special needs trusts, health care, and juvenile law.

There are many other criminal defense attorneys in Olympia. A simple search through any leading search engine would provide a great list of such attorneys. This is a snippetClick to read more

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