Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important part of modern day life. With increase in the rate of ailments related to the heart, kidney, liver and various other parts of the human body the cost of treatments as well as the cost of medicines have reached stupendous limits. It is here that various health insurance plans come of great use to human life – by providing a necessary relief of meeting the costs at a time of urgent need.

Health Insurance Claims

Health insurance claims are the claims made by insurance policy holders for the payment or reimbursement of medical expenses from the insurance company from which they have taken policies.

Health insurance plans work on a system of the payment of premium or a fixed amount for a certain number of years. Against this the insurance company pledges to take care of all your medical bills both before and after the date of your premium payment until the maturity of the plan. Sometimes these are also life time plans that continue to provide financial assistance for medical purposes for life.

Main Aspects of Health Insurance Claims

Despite the apparent congeniality of health insurance companies and their plans that you may have selected for your benefit there are certain aspects of health insurance claims that you need to be clearly aware of. This will safeguard you against any rude shock of non approval of your claims even after you have paid considerable premium amount.

Benefits of the Medical Plan – This is a list of all the areas of treatments that the medical policy will cover. A close scrutiny of this document is very important. It will help you to understand whether the said plan will be beneficial for your type of ailment or age group at the same time.

Procedure of Claims – It is very important to understand and know the various procedures of claims and payments. This is usually a long document and needs to be read carefully and marked as well for future reference.

Cashless Services – A very important understanding needs to be there about the type of insurance coverage you are opting for. There are policies that allow cashless services where you do not need to spend anything from the initial stages itself. Then there are those policies where you need to take care of all expenditures yourself and you are reimbursed later upon submission of all bills, invoices and receipts. These are processed and verified after which you are paid the entire amount.

Health Insurance Claims Processing

An important part of health insurance policies is the part where you have to claim for the medical expenses incurred.

Time and Schedule of Claims Processing – You have to be sufficiently aware of the time when the claims processing details need to be submitted.
Details of Claims Submission – You have to be clearly aware of all the exact documentation that needs to be submitted for the claims.
The Claimant – You have to understand clearly as to who will be the claimant for the claims procedure. There are claimants who think that doctors and hospital management will apply for the claims when in reality it is they who will need to do it.

Health Insurance Claims Adjuster

Health insurance claims adjuster are those people who work for claimants and insurance companied within the framework of certain governing laws. Their work is to investigate the claims made by individual claimants and then initiate the payments to the claimants.

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