Private investigation can range from checking whether your spouse is loyal or not, performing background checks of your employees to catching an international criminal also. The possibilities are actually endless. The investigative work is often done secretly. Because of its secretive purpose, it is essential to maintain secrecy at all times when you hire a private detective.

Following are some of the tips that can help you to decide how to hire a detective or a detective agency:

First of all you need to check whether the detective agency has any license or not. In most of the states, it is mandatory to have a license to conduct any private investigation. Also confirm whether the license is valid or not. You can do this asking for a license number. Then call the state licensing authority and find out whether that license number is still valid or not.

Always clarify beforehand that you need a contract just like in any other occupation, defining what information you want from him. If this is not acceptable to him, simply search for another agency.

You need to confirm how many years of experience the detective agency has. Avoid opting for an agency where the detective is a retired personnel from the military or police and has opened an agency for mere survival. Even if the fee is cheap, avoid it. Also do not opt for a detective agency where the detective is just 20 year old and a fresher right after graduation. You should do a proper research on the background of the detective and also his success rate and reputation before choosing one.

A good source of determining whether the detective agency is good or not is through the media. Often good work of the detectives gets published. Look for articles on these with the help of the Internet. Also many statutory or registered bodies like Certified Legal Investigator (CLI), National Association of Legal Investigators (NALI), and Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) give special recognitions and certification to those who have excelled in their areas of specialization. So look out for this also.

The detective agency where you intend to go must be insured or must have bonds. In many a cases, it is seen that if some damage to some property like the car or a building occurs, the one who employed the investigator gets exposed. So take notice of this pertinent fact also.

While hiring an investigator, you must be ready to handle all the questions from his side also. The reason why you want to employ an investigator should be clear. You should not hide anything from him. This is important as in many cases it is commonly seen that detectives were also used for wrong purposes.

Clear all your queries on the amount of fees as well. An investigator usually charges on an hourly basis plus the reimbursement of the expenses incurred during solving your case. Reimbursement expenses generally include, hotel bills, airfare, vehicle rental, tolls, gasoline, telephone calls, payments made to sources of information etc.

With all the information you are now armed with, there is no need to worry. Just go ahead and search for your investigator.

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