Insurance fraud Investigation Jobs are important positions within the insurance industry where fraud is a serious problem costing insurance company millions of dollars a year and resulting in increased premiums for clients. Whether we are talking auto insurance, disability insurance, illness insurance, house insurance, or just about any other type of insurance you can think of insurance fraud is huge.
Insurance fraud jobs include determining if your claim is filed under false pretenses or if it is a valid claim. This is a career choice with a good long term future and almost always you can find work where you live. Of course if you want to relocate there’s ample opportunity to do so. A quick search online will show you just where the jobs are currently available. But what exactly would you do as an insurance fraud investigator?
Well the first thing we should mention is that investigation insurance fraud jobs aren’t always rosy, there can be some negativity associated with this type of work, which is why you need to look deep within yourself to make sure you are capable of handling this type of work. Just like all of us weren’t meant to be doctors, all of us weren’t meant to be fraud investigators either.
In a nut shell you’ll be looking for fraudulent claims. This can entail ruffling some feathers, making some people very emotional, and it can be exhausting mentally, but it can also be very rewarding, and let’s not forget the pay is good! There’s nothing boring about investigation jobs.

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