In the past investigation jobs were poor paying and there were actually very few of them around, but that’s all changed. Today there are all kinds of investigation jobs as a private investigator, working for the government, working for homeland security, the FBI, or the police, in large corporations, in forensics, and just about anywhere you can imagine.
Whether you’re looking for your first career or on your tenth if you’ve ever loved to snoop around, find out the details, follow your gut, you just might be suited for a job as an investigator.
Like any career salaries vary, but investigation jobs certainly pay better than they did in the past, and boredom is seldom a problem since work changes on a regular basis. The type of investigation job that’s right for you may take a little soul searching. Be honest when you are analyzing your personality, your likes and your dislikes.
Different investigation jobs require different training. While at one point training was more difficult to find and may have involved a great deal of travel, today there are many online opportunities to get the necessary training to enjoy the rewards of investigation careers.
Of course in almost all situations in order to work as an investigator you may not have a criminal record. You may be required to have a criminal check done. There can be other restrictions depending on what type of investigation job it is that you are applying for. It’s a good idea to check out the requirements before applying.
If you are looking to work with Homeland Security, the FBI, or the CIA you can expect the requirements to be quite stringent and security checks to be intense. On the other hand if you are planning to run your own investigation business as a private investigator you really aren’t going to have a lot of requirements put on you, other than what your potential clients demand of you.
At times this can be intense work, while other times it’s enjoyable. Sometimes it’s horrific, and sometimes it’s joyous. Like any career burnout can occur, but monotony is not considered a problem in investigation jobs which for the most part are generally continuously evolving and changing.
The cost of schooling can vary depending on where you take your training and the depth of training you choose to take. For example it will cost you much less to take a basic investigation certificate than it will if you choose to also become involved in criminology, which can be beneficial in many investigation jobs.
We tend to think of investigation jobs as hard to come by, yet nothing could be further from the truth. Investigation jobs are plentiful and qualified investigators that are good at what they do are in high demand. Where you take your career as an investigator is in your hands.
So if you’ve been trying to decide what a good career would be for you, or you’ve been looking for a career change it just might be time to become an investigator. Still not sure? Why not search investigation jobs in your area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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