Surveillance Investigations

Results: Photographic and videotaped documentation of your claimants or insured activities will be provided in a timely manner along with written documentation.

Technology: State of the art surveillance and computer equipment is utilized. Our in house designed wireless surveillance system was built and utilized for effective surveillance years before most agencies knew of the technology, or how to use it.

Experience: Our investigative team averages fifteen years of experience per investigator in the private sector, with previous law enforcement experience. Applicable licenses where required.

Mobility: Our investigative team travels anywhere Nationwide. Rush availability upon request.

Consistency: Reports are comprehensive and completed in a timely fashion. Current customer compliments and references available upon request.

Activity Checks

Determines whether your claimant or insured activities are consistent with their injury/illness and their stated limitations or restrictions. Ascertains whether a surveillance is warranted.

Focuses on your specific needs.

Location of a witness, insured or third party, etc.

Written as well as recorded disclosures.

Financial Background Checks
Provides information on assets, litigation, bankruptcy, criminal records, tax liens, etc.

Payroll Service

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