An investigator is a person who collects information and evidences on behalf of his client. This client can be a corporate body or a private individual. Employment in this sector is quite large and also easy to get. This is because of the growing number of crimes and criminals in the world, people who are competent to deal with this are less in number. Another reason it is easy to get a job is this segment is because formal or professional education as in other professions is not required.

What are the positives and negatives for seeking employment in this sector?

The greatest plus point about investigating is the challenge, sense of thrill, adventure and excitement which brings immense job satisfaction. You also get name and fame quite quickly in this profession.

Regarding the negatives of this profession, there are many. There are no formal working hours because you will work mostly in the early mornings, late nights, on holidays and weekends. There is no fixed salary or pay. Often you have to begin with a meager amount and sometimes without enough work. But that changes as you prove your worth. Then you can name your price because this job also involves a great amount of danger to your life.

What are the required qualifications to apply as an investigator ?

As stated earlier, there is no strict degree required. But still a graduate degree in subjects like political science, criminology, criminal justice, psychology can help. Many training schools have come up. These would provide practical training on various aspects of investigation. A certificate from a training school brightens your chances of getting employed soon.

Also before going for employment, check for details on the license requirements in your area. In most of the states in the U.S., you need a license to work as an investigator. In several places, you need some amount of experience under a good detective. Strangely in some places, none of this required and you can get a license without any such requirements by just sitting for an examination.

What are the areas that one gets to work?

The work of an investigator spans a wide canvas. It can vary according to the requirements of the client.

Below are some of the specific types of areas that an investigator gets to work in :

A famous personality like a actor, singer or sportsman often employs a investigator to see if there are any threats to his life. An investigator is expected to work undercover and detect plans and also thwart any plans of harm to his client.

An attorney also takes the help of an investigator to look for evidences and witnesses. An investigator is expected to learn all facts relating to the case in order to help the attorney. He may also have to present his observations and reports before a court.

Investigators are employed by individuals to check for any proof of adultery in the personal lives of individuals.

In many insurance companies, investigators are employed to see if the claims made are true or not.

With new kinds of crimes and new types of criminals, the demand for private investigations will reach an all-time high. The job prospects are immense, the job satisfaction simply awesome. For those who want an adventurous profession, this is definitely the closest you can get.