We provide comprehensive Investigators Meeting Planning services to pharmaceutical companies and CRO to meet the challenges of clinical trials.   Our experience spans over 20 years as clinical trial practitioners attending and organizing global and regional clinical trials investigators meetings.

Based on our expertise, we are able to organize investigators meetings to ensure it runs smoothly as first impression is critical. Our experience includes not only understanding the unique needs of investigators meetings but also expertise in professional event management using the latest technology.  We are happy to share our experience to our clients and colleagues to help deliver successful event within their budget.

 Clinical Investigator Meeting Planning is Complex Task.

Clinical Investigator meeting is an expensive and important pre trial event that educates the study team to ensure the conduct of the trail is in compliance with regulatory, ethic and government regulations.  The meetings focus on the study trial conduct to ensure the safety and well being of the patients and validity of the data collected to support a new drug development program.

All principal investgators, clinical site coordinators, Clinical Research Associates, Clinical Project Managers and Sponsor senior managements attend the investigator meeting.   It aso gives the study team an opportunity to get together and establish a working relationship to ensure the successful conduct of the trial.  As all investigators must attend this meet at start up phase of the study, there is much coordination and planning to be done before, during and after the meeting.

Clinical Investigators Meeting Planners are specialist in event planning to work the sponsor or CRO in the preparation, conduct and post meeting tasks.

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