While a formal degree or training is not prescribed to become an investigator, the increasing use of technology by criminals has made training necessary for investigators. Detectives nowadays are required to have training in certain aspects to catch such techno-savvy culprits. Many private detective schools have come up with programs to impart training to the detectives. These programs will cover everything from the basics to the tips and techniques that are necessary to excel in this field.

An investigator training can last from 30 days to 8 months because it depends upon the course structure of the training school and also the convenience of the person. To get enrolled in an investigator training, you do not need any degree. A graduation degree in subjects like psychology, criminal justice, criminology, law would nevertheless be an added advantage. It would help you to excel in this field.

There are some of areas that you need to study. You will be given practical training on these areas during the course of an investigator training. This includes

1. Using surveillance equipment, data bases, and surveillance technology. 2. Internet research 3. Fingerprinting 4. Specialized knowledge relating to security, legal issues such as privacy, records on birth, death, marriage, 5. Verification of DNA samples 6. Conducting undercover investigations, 7. Knowledge of taxes 8. Understanding forensic sciences, incarceration using a photo camera and video 9. Knowledge of firearms safety.

Apart from this, you will cover the following key concepts as part of your training:

How and where to search for information?

As a detective, most of the time this is your job. The crux lies in how quickly you find accurate and reliable information. During the course of training, you will be given practical training on this aspect and also tips to search information quickly and accurately.

How to undercover operations?

In many cases, you have to make secret investigations. In this type of cases, you need to be very careful. During the course of training, you will be given case studies and practical training on undercover operations. You will also be taught tips and techniques to perform such an investigation properly.

How to make interrogations and interviews?

This is another thing that you as a detective will go through everyday. But every time you will confront a different type of person. So training prepare you to interrogate hostile victims and suspects as well as interrogage innocent persons in a friendly manner.

The reports that an investigator prepares during the course of investigation is often asked for legal verification also. While writing a report, prepare it in such a manner that all the facts and evidences satisfy the person who is reading. This is another aspect where you will be given specialized training .

Private investigation also involves physical confrontation also. During the course of the training, you will be taught to use firearms and also some basic defence strategies to use if you are attacked.

While the job prospect of an investigative career is bright, it would become brighter with a solid training on specialized components that were discussed above.