The process of inquiring into any matter to find the facts, through different research, discovery, study,observation, follow up or formal studies is called investigation. Investigation can be done in any field, generally it is done after some illegal happenings to find the culprit and the causes behind the act.

There are many investigation firms, which provide different types of services. There are both private and government investigation firms. Federal Bureau of Investigation is a government firm, it investigates in the illegal happenings and doings, this firm is an official one which does not work for general people. There are many other private firms, which you can hire for your personal investigation purpose.

Investigation types:

Criminal Investigation:
under this category comes the investigation related to different crimes. If an illegal action takes place, like murder, robbery, deceit, homicide etc., then the police and legal investigators come in action to find the fact behind the crime and to find the criminal. This type of investigation proceeds till the case is solved, the culprit is caught and is punished.

Corporate Investigation: this kind of investigation is done in a particular company or business group. Some business people hire their personal investigators to look after any kind of treachery in their company. All the cases related to the employee and the employer’s dispute, illegal action etc. are investigated by corporate investigators. The boss can have an eye on his/her employee by his/her personal corporate investigator.

Matrimonial Investigation: there are many investigation firms which help people to investigate in their personal lives. For example, if in a couple one gets suspicious about the other partner, then can hire these investigators to know the truth. If the partner is on fault, then the other one can take actions against him/her, and if the partner is not on fault, then the proofs can be used in positive sense to prove the innocence.

These are some of types, but the investigation can be done in any case of any kind.

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