Making the Right Choice

If this is your first brush with the law then you, like most people, will be at a loss for what to do. Most people are not well versed with the intricacies of the law. With this handicap in mind, most people feel that they are ill-equipped to handle such a situation, much less choose a lawyer to help one get through such legal tangles. The truth is, you do not really have to have an intimate knowledge of the legal system to choose a lawyer.

All you need are a few tips and a good vision of what you would like the person to represent you in a court of law to be like. While good lawyers must be able to do certain functions, you will be surprised that some of the better lawyers can be evaluated by even the simplest of citizens.

You should also remember that while a good attorney may be best for some, they may not be the best fit for others. If you are looking for good attorneys to speak on your behalf at a trial, you will need to know the role they play and the functions they are supposed to undertake to identify themselves as the right lawyer for you.

1. They Represent You. First of all, good attorneys represent their clients at a trial, at the bail hearing, at preliminary hearings, and at any legal occasion where a client will need legal assistance. Good lawyers, with their in-depth understanding of the law and the justice system, are in a good position to weave though technicalities, and nuances of the court. They know how to avail of the tools the justice system affords them to prove innocence or to mitigate punishment.

They are also in a better position to help you present a clear, unambiguous, and convincing legal statement for your trial. Without such legal help, even though you may be innocent and have enough evidence to support such, you could very well get lost in a sea of technicalities and misrepresentations. You will also be at the mercy of the prosecutor who will throw every trick in the book to sully your image and to discredit whatever evidence you have in your favor. A good attorney will even out the playing court by acting as the foil to these efforts. You will also need every stratagem they have to offer you in the process. Good attorneys are great at strategizing to either prove your innocence or mitigate the judgment. Good attorneys also know when to go for either of the two and when to lay off a bit to gain leverage.

2. They Listen to You. This probably one of the most important traits that separate good lawyers from bad ones. No lawyer becomes great without becoming first a great listener and a great facilitator. If a lawyer exhibits signs of being a bad listener, they you had better watch out and look to better pastures for a new lawyer.

The thing that should be emphasized here is that lawyer is supposed to serve the defendant, and not just the case. There have been situations where the lawyer was able to win the case, but not in a way that pleases the defendant. For example, there are some defendants that want their names clean, the only victory for them is an innocent verdict. Lets say the lawyer enters a plea for a lesser sentence instead. While the defendants were able to get off with a pretty light sentence, they were not pleased because they have their honor tarnished, and as said earlier, innocence was the only verdict they would accept. While the lawyer won a legal victory, for the defendants is was a loss. Attorneys, therefore, have to listen intently to the desires and feelings of their clients since their well-being is the only major concern.

3. They do Research. Good Attorneys always do background work, both to bolster your case and to look for possible precedents. Lawyers should work both spokesman and investigator. Only with these skills can a lawyer truly represent anyone in a court of law. Conclusion Attorneys have an important role to play in any legal proceedings. If one understands the role and function these attorneys play in the legal ring, then they are better equipped to assist those in need of criminal defense assistance.