Insurance services are to provide security to people and their property, but some evils of society use these services illegally by deceiving other people or insurance companies for personal benefits. There are a lot of fraudsters in this field. And so are different claims investigations.

In insurance services the fraud is done either by the insurer or by the insured. Some evils make insurance of their lives and property and vehicles, and then make fraudulent claim for the insurance money. For example, they make an insurance of their property or vehicle, and then intentionally damage them to make claims for the insurance. Generally, they show more damage than the actual to acquire more money.

The fraud can be done in any insurance service, like life insurance, property insurance, automobile insurance, health insurance and many more. By fraudulent claims people act to get most of the advantages. This kind of fraud leads to a great loss to the company and the state economy. So there are firms, which provide claims investigations services.

They are expert and well trained people. They help insurance companies to handle these frauds. There are a lot many firms, which provide this service, and help both the companies and legal law to punish the fraudster.

The process of investigation includes:

Identifying fraudulent insurance cases
Research on activities and history of the fraudster
Searching evidences
Locating witnesses
Interviews with the fraudster
Analyzing evidences

The investigators work on different cases, like accidents, missing of the insured, damaged property, etc.
The cases varies as varies different insurance services.

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