Online Degree In Criminal Justice: Similar Quality


Is an online degree in criminal justice valid? It’s a question many ask, not only about an online degree in criminal justice, but other degree programs offered through distance learning, specifically via the internet.

Technology and education

Computer technology has certainly bridged the gap in many aspects of our life. Getting an education is one aspect that has benefited from it. Cost has always been a major consideration when high school graduates mull about pursuing higher education.

Traditional criminal justice education, meaning attending classes in schools or university campuses, carried a premium, especially criminal justice bachelor degree programs that normally take four years to complete. This concern would be later addressed by offering criminal justice certificate programs or associate degrees, that could be completed in two years or less while providing entry-level skills for many careers.

Enter the internet technology and suddenly, here was another avenue for conducting criminal justice classes and eventually completing advanced training and education.

Online vs. On-campus Facilities

An online degree in criminal justice is not heavily dependent on actual, hands-on training. It focuses more on theories, principles and policies, and case studies. A criminal justice degree online program is very ideal for distance learning. Yet, even with computers and the internet pervading our lives, many are still dubious about the quality of education they will receive through an online program.

The major differences between online degree programs and courses taught through traditional classroom instruction are the schedules and the actual physical interaction between students and instructors.

With an online degree in criminal justice, you set the hours for your studies and complete it at your own pace or whenever you have available time. You are freed from setting fixed hours because there is no schedule to follow unlike campus learning.

Does this method of learning make it less effective? The truth is it requires more discipline and dedication to complete an online criminal justice degree program. You are only accountable to yourself and your accomplishments are proportionate to the amount of effort you exert.

Criminal Justice Accreditation is key

The key to ensuring your online education will be acceptable and valid is accreditation. Whether it is through a specific accreditation body for the particular field of study or a general education agency that accredits courses and programs offered online.

Most schools offering criminal justice degree programs on campus also have an online version. They have realized the value of it, especially at this time when people are thinking of shifting careers or advancing careers while still holding down jobs.