A security guard is a person who is both privately and formally employed to either protect a person, property, assets or all of these together. The security officers motto is to observe, detect, deter and report.”

Regarding the qualifications to become a security guard, there is no such degree or formal education required. In some states, they do require a license. Working hours of a security guard are shift-wise. It can either be a day shift or a night shift. In many cases, security guards are required to do some basic training in handcuffing, control procedures, operating the emergency equipments, taking notes and reports on a daily basis. They may also be required to be trained on how to use a baton, pepper spray and firearms also. People who are younger view a security guard job as a spring board to leap to a police job. To carry a weapon, they require permits or licenses.

Security guards Perth are generally uniformed. Security guards are known by different designatory names. Few of them are as follows: security agents, security officers, watchmen, armed security, safety patrol, private police, loss prevention, company police, bodyguards, access managers, executive protection agents, supervisors, mall security officer, private patrol officer, alarm responder, private patrol operator.

The type of job which a security guard gets depends on the job profile they get. Following are some of the common types of security guards

* In house or proprietary guards This type of guards are employed in various places like parks, malls, casinos, clubs etc. * Contract This type of guards work for a security agency. The nature of the job would entirely on the clients that the agency gets. * Public security This type of guards are the ones that are employed in public places to protect people. * Private patrol officers- This type of security guards Melbourne are employed in sensitive areas which might have security threats. This job profile requires constant vigil and monitoring.

Functions and duties of a security guard are numerous. Some of them are:

In sensitive areas, they need to patrol sometimes directly and sometimes through video cameras. They must report and prevent any criminal and illegal activities, fire or any type of emergency. In some cases, they can make arrests also.

In many buildings and offices, security guards are required to ensure and check that each and every person that goes inside have passes or any other identification. He also needs to deal and report any unusual things in and around the structures. In some cases, he needs to keep a notebook where the entry, exit and details of the people who visit the structure are recorded.

In places of public importance like parks, museums, historical places, and malls, they are required to keep a tight vigil to see that nobody destroys public property.

There are growing opportunities in this field and the pay is rewarding too!

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