Everyone is aware about personal security these days, women especially. There are many self defense security items available in the market which can protect you in case of an attack. You can keep these items within reach always, whether you are traveling in car or at home. Since they are small in size they can be easily carried in a purse.

A stun master stun gun is a very powerful device and quite affordable too. A very popular stun gun by stun master is one which can stun an attacker with 300K volts.

Double trouble stun gun is manufactured by Zap products and is a useful self defense weapon. It is very easy and convenient to carry and can easily fit into a fist. For women, it can be an ultimate weapon to prevent her from potential attackers. The double trouble stun gun comes with a holster or carrying case. Initially, the gun can shock and startle the attacker, followed by muscle spasms and mental confusion.

Another popular stun gun is streetwise stun gun, which is very small and compact. The streetwise stun gun come in three voltages; 300K, 600 K and 900K. Buying a higher voltage stun gun means that it will be able to penetrate more layers of clothing, so it is effective in winters.

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