If you have always wanted to turn your love of adventure into a well paid job, consider undergoing private investigator training and starting a career as a private investigator. As a PI, you would investigate crimes, catch cheats, find missing people and work with the latest high tech equipment.
Private investigators make good money. You can earn $50 an hour just for doing surveillance. More complex investigation jobs can earn you as much as $150 per hour. Many specialized private investigators earn in excess of $100,000 per year. The key to being a sought after private investigator is to keep up with the latest technology and resources available to you.
Growing demand for private investigators
The demand for private investigators is growing rapidly. People and companies are turning to private investigators for more needs. Crime victims who are increasingly discontent with the quality or effort put into police investigations are turning to private investigators. Spouses who suspect infidelity remain strong consumers as well.
The first step you must take to become a private investigator is to sign up for a PI training course. To perform as a private investigation, you do not need an academic background. However, a bachelor’s degree or other certification in a field where investigations are commonly done can provide you with an opportunity for specialization after your private investigator training is complete.
Where to get your training
Most professional private investigation firms offer specialized classes in different areas of investigation. Most of the criminal investigation courses available are provided by community colleges. You can take courses for the enhancement of investigative skills at national or state private investigation associations. One great method of receiving your PI training is to learn on the job. You can work with and learn from an experienced private investigator.
After completing professional private investigator training, you will be able to get your private investigator license. The only other qualification for the license is that your are an adult with a clear criminal record.
Online private investigator training courses
It is also possible to take your training course online. The cost varies between $100 and $300 and includes e-books, materials and other resources written by experts. In the online courses you will study topics such as interviewing techniques, secrets to conduct a successful surveillance, locating missing persons, and relationship investigations.

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