Private Investigators License

If you want to practice as an investigator in Dallas Texas you should know you will need a private investigator’s license. If you want to receive your private investigators license in Dallas you have to apply to the Private Security Bureau. In Texas each investigation is approached with a qualified professional. If you practice without a license you may face a hefty fine and imprisonment. The requirements to obtain a private investigators license are simple. You must be eighteen years or older. This is to be expected as most certifications and licenses require the same nationwide.

You cannot have been convicted of a felony in the last 20 years, two felonies in a life time or a class A misdemeanor in the last ten years. So far if your old enough and not a criminal you are on the right path to obtaining your private investigators license. You cannot be incompetent. No unstable mind should be carrying a badge and a gun ready to investigate. You also cannot have been discharged from any military service for dishonorable conduct. This requirement is standard for nearly every position in this line of work. Finally, you cannot be a registered sex offender. A criminal background check is another standard in obtaining a private investigators license and this is mostly for security measures, to assure your statement that swears you have no criminal history does in fact prove to be true. The next steps to obtaining your private investigators license is the education, trial investigations and lining up jobs. Some job opportunities may require the simple passing of a standard program where you obtained your private investigators license while others require extensive experience in this career or a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or investigation.

Not only are their costs for the education you have to receive, there are additional license costs ranging anywheres between $200.00 and $600.00. Just keep that in mind. Holding a private investigators license holds a huge responsibility. Your clients or agency trusts you with these duties and you and them both can be held liable if anything crimes are committed, ethics broken or law suits filed. If you meet the requirements and you feel you can handle this responsibility then go ahead and get started. The training and education will be beneficial in your long term career path and will help you determine what type of investigation you’d be more interested in. Be cautious of your surroundings, your tasks and your actions because you will be held liable like any other licensed professional.