Private Investigators

The word private investigator brings to mind a Sherlock Holmes like entity solving cases in a jiffy. To put it succinctly, a private investigator is one who does investigations for a client without being part of a government law enforcement agency .Many people shy away from telling the police aspects of their lives that they would prefer to keep private. However a private investigator will be a more approachable figure because they feel that their problems can be investigated and solved without a vestige of scandal or publicity.

Private investigators do not usually lead the colorful lives that are portrayed on movie screens. They are in a far more serious line of business. Many private investigators choose to liaise with attorneys so that they can discreetly do any required investigations for civil cases, usually for a defense attorney. Other private detectives tie up with insurance companies to verify suspicious claims. Private investigators are often approached by people looking to verify suspicions of adultery to file for divorce. This is one line that is very much in vogue today and several unsuspecting spouses are trailed by private detectives at the behest of the other spouse to establish infidelity or a bad habit. Considering that hard evidence in these matters could establish child custody and alimony, private detectives routinely take up such cases.

Private investigators in many states are required to be licensed and they can carry fire arms depending on the laws prevalent in the state they work in. they are required to keep detailed notes regarding the outcome of their investigations and may even be required to testify in court to clarify any point made regarding the nature of their observations and the conclusive evidence produced. Private detectives have to work within the legal boundaries of a case as even the whiff of something that is illegal could lead to facing criminal charges. Most private investigators take great care not just with client confidentiality but also with remaining within the legal framework when sourcing information .When doing surveillance work, private detectives have to maintain irregular working hours so as not to be caught doing their observations.

Sometimes private detectives do process serving so that they can track down and deliver subpoenas and the like to absconding individuals. Tracing these kinds of people and issuing summons is also a part of a private investigators work load. Some of the detectives choose to specialize in a particular field like tracing for instance or technical surveillance which can include looking for counter measures or tracing possible unwanted electronic surveillance of an individual or institution. Private investigators today can never predict what kind of work will come their way. They can range between the mundane investigations of insurance claims to the risky business of tracking a kidnapper. They are a ray of hope to persons or institutions who do not wish to sully their public image with sordid drama, but choose to do their investigations with discretion and precision.