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The inherent problems of hiring an “ordinary” process server:

• Part-time process servers with part-time hours (with no legitimate business address).
• No insurance is carried by a majority of these “part-time” servers.
• No live-tracking of papers, and futile efforts to get a verbal update on service attempts.
• Promises given and not kept. You’re just another attorney client (and they have plenty of others, so your business is not valued).

The Equinox Investigations difference:

• Full-Time staff of multiple process servers. Dedicated in-office staff (at our legitimate business address).
• Insurance coverage provided (and Acords certified by the State of Texas). Ask for your copy.
• Real-time tracking of papers on this website. Just type in your Client I.D. and Password
• No false promises. Equinox Investigations delivers. Day in and day out.


• The owner of Equinox Investigations, Andrew J. Storc, was elected the Southern Regional Director for the Texas Process Servers Association, which is considered a testament of not only Mr. Storc’s regard of the membership but also the dedication he has to the correct service of process.


• Customized pricing and reductions for volume clients. Call today!

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