Ten Things to Remember While Earning an Online Criminal Justice Degree

Earning an online criminal justice degree can be a very exciting and rewarding experience. Receiving an education this way allows you to attend your classes as well as do the many other things you have to do in a day. It gives you the chance to still keep your full time job, save money on gas, and spend time with your children and family. However, there are certain things you should remember when earning this degree. Here are ten of them.

1.) You must submit your homework online, so having an internet connection is crucial. You will get points taken off for not submitting work.
2.) Although you are free to do your work on your own time, keep in mind that there are still deadlines. In order for your professor to give you grades and let you know how you are doing in the course, they need to have something to grade by a certain deadline. It is just like any course you would take on campus.

3.) Remember that you can always e-mail your professor if you are confused about something. You won’t be able to have an in-person meeting with them, but they will be more than happy to help you out through e-mail.

4.) You still need to build your resume even if you don’t have the on-campus resources to do so. You may not be able to get an on-campus internship or volunteer position, but you can do so outside of your university.

5.) Keep checking your course syllabus to see if there are any updates. This is where most professors put updates.

6.) Check the dates for your exams ahead of time. It will be to your disadvantage if you miss one of them.

7.) It is okay to communicate with the other students in your online course. They can help you out too.

8.) Make sure you actually look at your professor’s comments on your homework.

9.) Make sure to participate in all online class discussions.

10.) Give yourself plenty of time to complete an exam. Most professors won’t accept them past the deadline.