A road or a vehicle accident occurs due to rash driving or due to the carelessness of the people on the road. To investigate such an incident can be quite a tricky task sometimes, given that each party blames the other for the accident and the eye witnesses hardly come forward in fear of getting involved with the officials. On the other hand, it includes all kinds of vehicles, road vehicles like cars, trucks and buses as well as train and airplane accidents.

To start with road accidents, if there are any casualties, the police will at first investigate if there are any possibilities of foul play. They will check the speed of the vehicle and often the distance traveled by the car, in case the victim is an outsider. There have also been cases where the driver of the perpetrating vehicle was addicted to drugs and felt drowsy while driving, resulting in the accident. In case there are casualties he will be charged with homicide aside from the regular charges of drug abuse and rash driving.

In some cases private investigators are brought in, especially by the insurance companies who have to release money when an accident claim is applied for. This is of course a necessary precaution since often there are scammers and frauds who deliberately stage an accident to claim insurance money, and if there are no witnesses, there is no particular way of knowing. A private investigator can find out the missing links. On the other hand, large amounts of money are involved in case there is a casualty and the nominees turn up for the life insurance money. It has often been seen that certain accidents have actually been carefully planned homicides to usurp the life insurance money. It is the work of the investigator to look into such matters.

At times, reconstruction of the accident is often performed when the investigators and police fail to deduct a conclusion from the given data like the damage done to the vehicle and other evidences collected from the accident site. This is usually determined with the help of physics, like whether the amount of damage done to the vehicle is justifiable if it was traveling at a particular speed. If not, then there must have foul play involved. Whether the angle at which the vehicle had been hit was damaging enough to kill the driver, or whether he was a victim placed in a car damaged in a manner to look like an accident. These things require acute deduction, and only solving such questions can complete a vehicle investigation case.

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