What is an Emotional Affair?

Do you have a friend at work that you share some of your intimate secrets with? Are you finding excuses to try and see this person outside of the office, effectively cutting into your family time?

If this sounds like you, then you may be involved in an emotional affair. Even though there is no physical connection, emotional affairs can be just as devastating to the people involved in them. A marriage is built upon communication and trust, and these two values can be broken if you cross the line with a member of the opposite sex.

It can be difficult balancing your marriage and platonic relationships with coworkers and other friends, but there are certain things that you can do to try and avoid any potential problems down the road with your spouse.

You should not share anything overly personal about yourself that you wouldn’t talk to your spouse about. This can lead to the beginning of an emotional bond that you never intended, but may escalate to a physical affair in the future if it continues. This is particularly true at work, where you should always try to keep the subject matter focused on business instead of pleasure.

To keep your marriage strong, be aware of the pitfalls of engaging in an emotional affair. Is unfair to put your husband or wife in a situation where they have to feel as though they are being neglected at home, so keep the lines of communication open and show them that you care as much as possible.

If you feel you have done your part and your partner is still not responding, your best bet may be to hire a private investigator in order to find out the truth for you.