Wheeler Investigations

Wheeler Investigations

We design and build some of the Finest Surveillance Systems available anywhere.

Purchase Options:

Rent, lease , or purchase a video surveillance system designed to your specific needs. Whether it’s an overt system designed to reinforce security in a high traffic parking lot, or a state of the art miniature wireless system designed for a specific need, we have the experience, and know-how to design the system that best meets your needs, without paying for features that are of no use to you. We have designed and installed custom systems for private industry and Public School systems, using the best available components, which combine to create the optimum system for the money.

Which Cameras are the Best?

If you take into account price, size, uses, lenses available, and durability, all that we handle are the best. The best for a particular application. We utilize a wide variety of cameras, housings, and lenses, from Panasonic,Watec, Pelco, Ultrak, Rainbow and JVC. Our allegiance doesn’t lie with a name brand, but with a finished integrated system. Be wary of any system designer who try’s to convince you that one brand is superior to another in all situations.

Penny Wise, dollar foolish.

We have already established, you know your need, we know our systems. We will listen to your problem, make several suggestions, and in the end, try to come to a compromise of technology, price and serviceability to satisfy your requirements and pocketbook.

From the cutting edge to the bleeding edge in one fell swoop:

Both price and technology are moving at break neck speed in this area. The newest of today’s technology is outdated in a very short time. You don’t want to purchase a system that is obsolete upon installation. Conversely, you don’t want to be the “guinea pig” where the newest technology has its bugs worked out. Our job is to keep you on the cutting edge, both in terms of technology and price, but steer you away from the “bleeding edge” where the problems far outweigh the benefits.

We don’t sell alarms, or home theater, or intercom systems.

We cut our teeth in the physical surveillance business, where we began developing and building specific need systems for our own use 13 years ago, when a reasonable camera was as big as a shoe box, and cost a weeks wages. We believe you have to have that kind of background to sort through today’s import technology, sifting out the toys, and incorporating legitimate innovations into a system that is durable, affordable, and user friendly.

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