Workplace Theft – Office Thieves

Workplace Theft

A bizarre aspect of work culture is workplace theft. This is a growing concern among the top bracket management of any organization as much as the owners of business establishments who encounter a steady growth of losses because of this reason each year. These are small incidents of theft that occur on a regular basis even though they are rarely accounted for owing to the smallness of the theft nature. it is assumed that these thefts are mainly done out of greed or even despise for the company things.

Workplace Theft Investigation

There are some restrictions that employers have when it comes to workplace theft investigations. However within the purview of their rights they can organize an investigation in order to take some necessary preventive measures against workplace theft.

The first step would be to gauge the losses and keep that as an official secret. This would also help in the retaining of the confidence of those employees who are honest and will not be under any threat of unnecessary harassments.

It is important for the company officials to decide whether or not to employ an investigator from the company itself or hire a third party investigator. There are some advantages with the latter on grounds of unbiased and neutral detection of crime.

Employees with access to the act of theft should be segregate from the rest and shortlisted.
The matter of workplace theft investigation is a sensitive issue and thus needs to be handled with care. Questioning format and investigation will have to be conducted without intimidating the employees so as to be able to uncover maximum information out of them. Written statements are an added advantage.

An immediate action is necessary once the crime is detected. This may be even done with the termination of services of the guilty employee.

It has on many occasions been found that even after an investigation and a detection of the guilty employers have had difficulties of terminating their services. This may however lead to further acts of undaunted thefts from the same person or his emboldened colleagues.

Workplace Theft Laws

The presence of workplace theft laws is different in their availability in different countries across the world. However there are provisions for companies to take necessary action against any employee that they can prove is guilty. Such employees may be terminated from services according to provisions of labor laws. Their action may be also reported with the police department so that necessary legal action may be taken against them.

Prevention Workplace Theft

There are certain ways that workplace theft prevention may be possible. Identification of reasons for the recurrence of thefts is necessary to be able to understand the real reason behind the thefts and remove them.

A key to every successful corporation and its running are the presence of happy employees. It is important that the needs of the employees are understood and necessary steps are taken to fulfill them. This may be in terms of their wages or even the way they are dealt with at work.

Work environment is another important aspect. A positive work environment with a transparency of deals and workings will not antagonize or fuel negative feeling among workers. If there is trust there will be healthy ways of work culture also.

There should be every effort made to hire honest people. Proper background checking will help this process.