Investigators perform the function of collecting information for a client. The clients of investigators are usually not related to the government. The clients are mostly private corporate bodies, attorneys and people from diverse walks of life.

Now what is a crime investigator? A crime investigator is one who works and investigates on murders, robbery, thefts and such kinds of illegal activities. Crime investigators can be of two categories.

A public investigator is one who works in the police department. A private crime investigator is one is hired by clients because of their dissatisfaction with the investigations made by police or the legal authorities. The hope of catching the real culprit propels them to hire a private investigator who would also be accountable to them.

What are the qualifications required to become a crime investigator? The public crime investigators are highly talented and qualified. They have to pass through a series of tests to get this job physical and mental. A policeman who has considerable amount of experience and success in his respective field is eligible to become a crime investigator. In the case of private investigators, mostly experienced people are preferred for this type of job.

What is the working condition like for a crime investigator? Working conditions and working hours of a crime investigator is much worse than the general type of detectives. This is because they have to deal with criminals. There is no fixed timing. You can spend whole nights looking for a criminal also. This job involves a great deal of danger. Thus, you are required to be physically fit and alert. Most of the time, investigators are required to work undercover. Sometimes a crime investigator has to research in office for making background searches on suspects and criminals.

What pay or salary is offered to crime investigators ? The demand for crime investigators is high. While those in the government service can expect a good salary, the private investigators struggle to get decent pay. With name and fame, a private investigator can reach the sky but the beginning is always a difficult phase, particularly in terms of payment.

What are the basic things that a investigator should learn to become successful? Three things that a crime investigator should always do


1. Determine how and where to look for information 2. Plan 3. How to conduct the investigations and interrogations with friendly and hostile witnesses and suspects 4. Document their observations with a keen eye for detail on their facial expressions, body language and tone of voice.

Other basic things that investigators are expected to know are photography, forensic sciences, fingerprints, use of computers and firearms as well.

Keep this golden rule in mind always: a crime investigator whether private or public always has to work within the framework of law.

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